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Tailored Detectors Solutions

Discover new possibilities with CEGITEK’s dynamic and versatile approach.
Our team’s diverse expertise and relentless drive enable us to provide customers with cutting-edge research and development resources tailored to their unique requirements. Experience the power of modularity as we craft detection systems with a wide range of configurations:

The modularity of our detection systems enables us to build detectors with a wide range of configurations:

-> Large flat surface detectors
-> Large-area detectors with overlapping detection modules
-> Quasi-curved detectors
-> Detectors with dispersed detection modules

At CEGITEK, we understand that every project is unique.

That’s why we offer a range of configurable options to suit your diverse requirements.
Step into a world of limitless possibilities and let us redefine what’s achievable in Xray electrons detection technology.

Large-Area Flat Detector

Staked Detection modules

Staked Detection Module v2

Uniform Surface Detection throughout the Plane

Tiled Detection modules

Minimal Inter-Module Blind Zone

WAXS Open for SAXS

Provide SAX WAXS experiments simultaneously 

With Integrated X-Ray Source

Allowing X-Ray backscattered diffraction

Non Flat Detector

Quasi Curved

Dispersed detection modules

Detector Support

About our

On demand Detectors Support

We provide comprehensive support for our detectors, ensuring customer satisfaction. If you require an evaluation of our detectors, feel free to request a loan unit.

Cegitek works actively with its customers, such as the difabs beamline at the Synchrotron Soleil, providing dedicated support for the operation of the CIRPAD detector.

Image credits SOLEIL Difabs Beamline

Detector Sustaining

Throughout the lifetime of the detector you have in your hands, we will ensure that it remains operational. 
We offer firmware and software updates, as well as plug-in adaptations that require changes for higher-level control systems that need updating.

Cegitek supports ImxPad detectors and offers updates or upgrades to RebirX detectors.

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