RebirX Hybrid Pixel Photon Counting Detector

At CEGITEK, we are committed to providing innovative X-ray camera solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our technology ensures accurate and reliable results for a wide range of applications: Academic research, advanced physics experiments, Engineering or industrial testing.

Main Applications
Materials Characterization Matter study
Elemental composition
Single crystal
Powder difraction
Residual stress
Medical Imaging
Ct scanner : Small animal imaging,
Medical study.
Non-destructive control
Radiographic inspection
Residual stress XRD
Global Features Benefits
Direct Detection Single Photon detection
Detection TresholdNo read out noise, no dark current
2D detectionWide detection information
Small,compact design,lightweightSimple installation to operate
Trigger in and outSynchronisation Ready
Multi software interfaceEasy to manage

Common Features for all RebirX detectors

Standard detectors with no blind zone

Cegitek offers standard detectors based on Xpad 3.2 component with a flexible hardware architecture to manage data acquisition. All detectors share certain detection and acquisition characteristics.
For more information about our Hybrid Pixel Photon Counting detectors have a look at our tehcnology section.

The standard product range covers detection areas from 1.×1.5cm² to 7x3cm² with no dead zones.
For larger surface detection or taylored detection configuration have a look to our services sections.

Common Charactristics
Pixel size 130x130 um
Treshold Range5-30 KeV
Working Energy5-60 KeV
Counting Rate7.105ph/sec/pix
Dinamic Range32bits
Max Frame rate750Hz Burst (950 frames)
Acquisition modeBurst, Continuous, Stacking

Standard RebirX Product Range

RebirX 140
Active Surface 7x3 cm²
Pixel number 134400
Sensors Silicon 0,5mm thickness
RebirX 70
Active Surface 7x1,50 cm²
Pixel number 67200
Sensors Silicon 0,5mm or 1mm thickness
RebirX 40
Active Surface 2x3cm²
Pixel number 38400
Sensors Silicon 0,5mm thickness
RebirX 10
Active Surface 1,5x1 cm²
Pixel number 9600
Sensors Silicon 0,5mm thickness