CRM² Université de Loraine Resolved Time Experiment
 With Rebirx 540 on Stoe Goniometer

About Us

Hybrid pixel photon counting detector designer

Cegitek designs, develops and markets cameras based on hybrid pixel photon counting technology. Those cameras cover a wide range of applications in Xray and electron detection.

We offer the RebirX series of detectors used on syncrhotron light lines as well as in university laboratories or installed within  industrial measurement equipment.

Our Mission

We aim to be a discovery accelerator...

At Cegitek, we are deeply involved in our customers’ projects and providing the best solutions for X-ray detection.

Our ambition is to be the link between science and other domains such as medical, industry, and art.

We are also committed to incorporate environmental and social concerns into our business and engaging in a CSR program.

Thank you for considering Cegitek as your partner in X-ray detector technology.

     – Johan Simoncini – CEGITEK C.E.O

Our Advantages

Expertise in Developing Hybrid Pixel Photon Counting Detectors

Cegitek is specialized in designing large area hybrid pixel photon counting detectors.
Our skillset includes:
– Electronic and mechanical design with a high level of integration.
– Software/firmware development.
– Microelectronic design,characterization and testing.
– Expertise in radiation detection
Our process controls ensure that we deliver products that meet our customers’ expectations in terms of functionality and reliability.
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